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First, I’d like to say thanks to every who has supported myself and the Endless Diaries Team. It’s been a long road, but I’ve made it this far. So why in the hell would I stop now?

To prevent legal problems as well as other issues, (like you all sounding out a word appropriately,) I’ve changed my Alias to xD. More info and fresh graphics will be up soon, but first.

Here’s all DaJakal’s 2015! It will be available for free download soon. 🙂 Enjoy…

This was at the mushroom head show 2015

2016 Here We Come.

Well, I’m not sure where to start. The team has been through a lot since I talked to you all last. We’ve lost some team members to personal demons and others to unforeseen circumstances. Held a residency gig at one of the oldest clubs in Oklahoma for over a year. We’ve gained some great souls and have been working with a new local team Audio Detox. Started a couple bands and played some big shows. All while we let our online presence fall apart. I wanted to take the time to focus on music and bring you quality products across all media. In doing that, I’m happy to be able to say I was able to take that step…. which turned out to be a leap….. off a building….and into the hellfire… trust fall style.

I was young and unaware of how difficult this would actually be. I’m not afraid to say it. It’s now 2016 and Endless Diaries Productions has reached a huge milestone. Music lovers of all genres should be excited for what’s to come. We thank all of you for hanging in there with us while we refine our skills and piss off the haters. Alex, aka xD, formerly known as DaJakal, has a gift for you all as soon as the website is back to it’s former glory.


Endless Diaries News! (4-2014)

It’s been a good couple months since the Kill Eddy Album Release Party! Don’t forget Walls Of Olympus is still available on iTunes & Google Play! You can check it out on Spotify too. We apologize for the hiatus that our team has been in lately. We’ve been working on getting involved with the locals in our area and it’s proven to be well worth the effort. To start:



DaJakal has been constantly working to keep new content coming your way. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter if you want to most recent updates as they happen. He has landed a Residency at The Wreckroom Okc and is actively helping bring the club back. There are rumors of a club night opening for him to actively book guest DJs offering an open club all night for people to dance and enjoy good company. He has many more events lined up for this summer. A couple of them include a Graduation Pool Party for Sequoyah High School in Claremore, May 17th, as well as mixing at Backwoods Bash Music Festival with Robot, Reboot! He is also leading the big release of Endless Diaries Radio. Which, at this point, I’m not allowed to talk about. Want to know more? Contact an Endless Diaries Rep.

Kill Eddy has been up to no good. As always. After the release of Walls Of Olympus he’s been taking his time to really get involved with his equipment. Allowing him to provide a great mix of his intense, ridiculous Drumstep. It seems to have paid off too! During this time he has played multiple shows at The Boobie Trap in Topeka, KS. Also, with his partner in crime, Boba F3t, he is playing The 420 Urban Music Festival in Topeka, KS! That’s a big step for this metal head that has been mixing for less than a year! He will also be joining us in Tulsa for the Graduation Pool Party. So if any Oklahomies want to party with Eddy, that’s your chance.

Last but most certainly not least, Robot, Reboot has a lot in store for this year. Rumors of an album to be released on the Endless Diaries label have started because we all hear those ridiculous, unreleased tracks he drops in his set. Parts to a name song and more like….

“Will you join my Robot Army?”

…just keep showing up in his sets. The Robot has been performing with DaJakal on Saturday nights at The Wreckroom as well as doing his regular underground parties. When will this robot get out of the underground? That’s news for a later date. Wompa1

Now for the biggest announcement yet!  (well, the most public) Shawn McMillon as know as Wompa has joined the Endless Diaries team as a Representative for the Oklahoma area! We are happy to have him on board, especially with his phenomenal funky, electro breaks sets! Talk about a need to dance. You CANNOT hold still for these sets. He is the founder of the Ok DJ Syndicate parties (http://www.okdjsyndicate.com/) and constantly runs his own personal site for anything related to Wompa. (http://www.djwompa.com)

We have much more on it’s way, but to wrap this up for now. Party hard and “Write Your Own Damn Story.”

Walls Of Olympus Album Release Party!

KE Cover FlierLocal DJ and Dallas Legend Ed Crunk is going to be opening the VIP After Party so be sure to get your VIP tickets as early as possible!


Endless Diaries Productions, llc. is proud to present:

January 31st, 2014. The “Walls of Olympus” Album Release Party with our guest of honor, Kill Eddy! The album features Boba F3t and another musicians we will leave to a surprise. Kill Eddy and Boba F3t are coming in from out of state. You don’t want to miss this show. Share this event with anyone who likes ridiculous, dirty, grimey, face melting drumstep. Go pick up White Noiz Vol. 1 by Kill Eddy! Now available on Itunes, Google Play and Amazon. 

Event is 18+. Must be 21 to drink. Event is located at SW 3rd and Western. If you exit I-40 and go north a half mile. It’s a big building on the right corner or SW 3rd. 

Kill Eddy:

Boba F3t:

Robot, Reboot:


VIP includes a Party Bus Ride to the event then to the after party where you will party with the artists.

Tickets are available here:

Buy Tickets!



Endless Diaries Productions Halloween Party! 2013

The first Halloween Party we hosted went great! It was a private 21 + event for a group of friends in a very nice house in north-western Oklahoma City. Plenty of drinks to go around and yet the worst thing that happened was a shot glass was broken during clean up. This party was a major success and we are excited to make this a yearly production. Top drinks of the night? A delicious “Nutter-Butter Shot” and some Candy Corn Infused Vodka. Both were a fantastic. We had roughly 100+ people rotate through this house over the course of the night! If you’d like your own EDP Party, go to the Reach Out page. Pictures are at the bottom of the page. Video’s used coming soon.


Team Members Involved:

Alex Holt, (DaJakal) DJ and Party Management, Performed new tracks from featured artist Kill Eddy!

Kenneth Fletcher, (Robot, Reboot) DJ

Zak Miller, Video Editor ([email protected])

Tanner Balsano, Security Manager

Justin Lubbers, Security

Edited by EDP Graphics

Edited by EDP Graphics

Edited by EDP Graphics

Edited by EDP Graphics

Edited by EDP Graphics

Edited by EDP Graphics

IMG_1470 IMG_1461 IMG_1468This custom Luigi costume was our White Noiz Costume Contest Winner!

DSCF0105 DSCF0103 DSCF0102




“Write Your Own Damn Story” 1″ Wristbands (Available Now)

Get your own 1″ quality ink injected wristbands that say “Write Your Own Damn Story” on them. Show it off and tell your friends to back up as you make your way. All profits go toward the Endless Diaries Event fund so we can get off the ground! Show your support for local music and get one today!


$3 Add to CartBuy Now

Kill Eddy – White Noiz Volume 1 (Available Now!)

Kill Eddy – White Noiz Volume 1

Don’t forget to get the [Free Downloads] from Kill Eddy.

Vinny C (Andrew Bell) formally of bands Same Sick Feeling, Bleeding Monday, Hooray For Me, Terror At Sea, and Vinny C & Nate B.I.G. doing a solo DJ Dubstep/House project named Kill Eddy. “White Noiz Volume 1” is his first EP released with Endless Diaries.

The EP is available on:


 Don’t miss his upcoming show in Oklahoma City on January 31st. It’s the Walls Of Olympus Album release party! Kill Eddy and Boba F3t live! Two sets in one night! Once at the show then one at the after party! Did I mention local legend Ed Crunk of Dance Robots, Dance will be opening our after party! All the details HERE

Right Back At It – Kill Eddy Single


Progressions – White Noiz Single


Car Bombs – Death Of The Party (Kill Eddy Remix)

Time to Rock and Rave.

The new Endless Diaries Website has been in the works. Expect downtime this week for the transition. Any bugs you see on the site please report on the Reach Out page. Being that our web designers also run the blog. We won’t have news stories about national news until this change. We will continue to post about local artists as well as try to provide a Daily Dose! Everyone should be amped for the new website. I know we all are.

-Alex, Director of Endless Diaries

Porter Robinson Gets It. . . Tonight, On CNN

Porter Robinson got to sit down with CNN after his set at Tomorrowland. He touches the topic of DJs just “pressing play”. He gets censored a couple of times, but I think the second one was the word “crap”. Honestly, I could quote most of interview but that’s why we have Youtube!

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